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  • I had my root tooth extracted and I am very happy to be in the branch opposite Çamlık Park, it is an exemplary branch in terms of staff attitudes and behaviors. Thank you. They are very interested in phone calls, thanks
  • Endless thanks to Professor Engin and his smiling team. I am also happy to have the opportunity to meet them on the recommendation. Mr. Engin's experience and knowledge has created an endless trust in me when he shares every process he will do with me in the finest detail. Greetings to those who dec... Read More
  • First of all, hello everyone to implant I went on the recommendation of my friend and the friendly welcome of the employees at the moment you entered, very clean and hygienic environment, with peace of mind, my only address treatment that you will trust and overcome your fear of the dentist was very... Read More
  • The clinic where I had teeth cleaning and whitening. The cleaning process, which is very short in any dentist, was done with care and meticulousness here, and then the whitening process was applied. I wanted a natural-looking whiteness and the result is perfect👌👌👌
  • Your only address for a healthy oral care in the best conditions Oral and dental diseases are among the most common health problems in almost all regions of the world, and you can achieve beautiful procedures with your team in the most beautiful way (Nişantaşıimplant) 🙏😊